ABC Workshops was established by myself in 2003, and things have come a long way since then. The last 15 years have seen a total change in the quality of what we expect. The days of detailing up old Lima locos have long gone, and what we have on offer by todays manufacturers is genuinely fantastic - light years ahead of 15 years ago. Still, theres always room for personalisation no matter how good things get 'out of the box'. And for those who haven't the time or confidence to do their own models, I can help. 

My main work is now weathering and renumbering RTR locos and stock. However I'm still happy to do DCC and DCC sound fitting to 4mm and 7mm using the best products currently available. Contact me for a specific quote, each item is unique and the time taken varies, so a 'blanket' price list isn't possible or fair.

Browse the gallery pages of this site to see examples of my work, a lot of what you see has been featured in magazines and may be familiar, namely Rail Express Modeller, Modern Locomotives Illustrated and popping up on RMWeb.

I'm happy to send hi-res images via email of anything you see on this site that you want to have a better look at, just get in touch on the contact page.

I still attend lots of exhibitions around the UK, either as ABC Workshops, part of the Rail Express team, my own layout Meadow Lane TMD or friends layout Aberdeen Kirkhill T&RSMD. I keep the site updated regularly with show dates, so feel free to come and have a chat or to drop off items to be worked on. 

Alex Carpenter